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Madurai Bible School was born out of a desire for believers in Tamil Nadu to have the opportunity to pursue a solid, Biblical study without having to leave the state. The founder worked, prayed, and planned, and Madurai Bible School held classes for the first time in the summer of 1955. In the early days of MBS, classes were small and the facilities were limited, but the Lord was gracious to provide. 

With the passing years, the Lord faithfully answered the prayers of the MBS founder. As the school fulfilled its call to help students grow in their commitment to Christ and preparedness to serve Him, He provided more facilities. Throughout the existence of the College, God has blessed by providing a biblically-qualified faculty. 

Over the last five decades, the Lord has grown MBS in several ways. The size of the alumni has crossed to over 750. The Bible School has an excellent group of adjunct teachers.

MBS's facilities have also expanded with the addition of library, office space, as well as residence rooms.  

Our certificate of course has been recognized by major Bible Colleges where students from MBS have pursued graduate studies.

        We praise God as we see the fruit of His work at MBS. Students' lives are transformed, and graduates are literally serving all around the world. It's truly an exciting time to see His will displayed and fulfilled in this place. We invite you to become a part of His work at Madurai Bible School.



Sam Jones Cherian



“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 2 Tim.2:15


  • To encourage young men/women towards a life of deep commitment and discipleship
  • To help build-up healthy local assemblies.
  • To train good Bible teachers who can give spiritual leadership.
  • To provide students with practical experience in service.
Our History

Mr M E Cherian, the founder of the Madurai Bible School, came from the state of Kerala to Tamil Nadu, as the pioneer from the Brethren Assemblies in 1943. Mr. M E Cherian had a great burden for Tamil Nadu and India. His mission has been to reach out to as many as possible in an effective way by channelling all the available ways.

Madurai Bible School was founded in 1955 by Mr M E Cherian with the available resources. The classes were first conducted in a rented house where his family also was living. Mr M E Cherian considered the students as his own family members. For its first fifteen years the Bible School functioned without a break under these conditions.


In 1960, it was shifted to the Gospel Hall premise, which was purchased for the assembly services, in Madurai. In the late 1970’s, the need for a new campus became evident. In 1979, when Mr Jones Cherian heard the call of God, he left the ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ and began shouldering the responsibilities at the Bible School. In 1978, the Lord’s servant assisted in locating the Bible Bhavan campus for the Bible School. The classes began in the new premises in 1984. 


Now after more than 53 years the commitment to this ministry has not changed. Our commitment is to glorify God by  accomplish the mission of preparing men and women for the ministry.


Since its inception in 1955, more than 750 men and women have graduated and are now active in Christian ministry in various capacities throughout the world. More than 300 students are now serving the Lord as full-time ministers in Tamil Nadu and throughout the world.

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