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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World


The school operates from June to April on a two term per year cycle. In between the two terms, students have a requirement to go into a mission field for one month. This will not only provide an opportunity to gain valuable experience, but also serve as a means to extend the work of Christ. Apart from that they are assigned to various congregations and Bible camps to gain further ministry experience. Exams are conducted every week and a diploma is presented at the end of the course.




As a Bible School, the entire course is on the doctrines and principles of the Bible. Each student is given individual love and attention to achieve his or her highest potential in Biblical studies. The ultimate aim of the Bible School is to prepare and train young people to serve and glorify God as servant-leaders in their communities and in the world. 

The majority of the modules offered are of a textual nature, leading to a fuller understanding of the message of the Bible with devotional and practical applications being made as appropriate. We aim to deal with as much of the Biblical text as possible during the term.




We recognize that when the student is at the Bible School, the teacher stands in the place of the parent. We believe that the role of the Bible School teacher is to demonstrate through doctrine and testimony his or her personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a consistent reflection of Godly character, a heart to meet the needs of young people, and a mastery of content and delivery of doctrines. The teacher's responsibility is an awesome one and will be entered into prayerfully, trusting the Lord for guidance.


Without doubt, the greatest asset of a good school is its teachers-and the Madurai Bible School is no exception. We are blessed with a number of regular teachers and visiting teachers who are well-grounded in the faith, have a genuine love for the Lord and who have years of experience in teaching and preaching the word of life.

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